There is no better feeling especially on a dark, rainy September day, than knowing there is a hot cup of coffee waiting for you at work. All you need to do is ordering coffee pod delivery in NY and enjoy your coffee.

As a voice over artist I know there are plenty of voice coaches who say you should never drink coffee because it’s a diarrhetic and will dry you out and they’re right, however I find the benefit of a more open airway outweighs that warning and because of being able to breath better it actually helps me do my voice work.

Like I explain to students who take my online course, caffeine is a drug that is very similar to theophylline. Theophylline is a bronchodilator drug that’s taken to open up the airways in the lungs. A study done in 2007 scientifically demonstrated that point.

All things considered I never, ever put any dairy products into my coffee because it make’s your mouth sticky or ‘clicky’, which is most definitely not good for recording voice over. The biggest reason people give for adding milk or cream to their coffee is usually because it just doesn’t taste good.

So if you’re like me and want to enjoy your coffee to the fullest here are 3 ways to do it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.19.06 AM

  1. Get a French Press:

A big part of the taste of coffee comes from the oils it produces. Sadly those who use a paper filter between bean and cup are losing some of those flavour oils in the process. To keep the oils in your coffee consider using a French Press like the one pictured to the right. You’ll taste the difference right away.


2. Pre-Heat Water before using:

If you have no choice but to use a drip coffee machine with a paper filter consider it’s biggest drawback…the water never gets hot enough to get the most flavour out of the grounds!

Try this next time: preheat the water by running it through the machine without any coffee. Then after setting up your filter and coffee, run that same pot of now hot water through for a second time! Remember, the hotter the water the better the taste.


3. Store Beans Properly:

For the best tasting coffee also consider how you store your beans before you use them.

You should never take beans directly from the freezer and put them directly under steaming water. The beans you want to use are the ones at room temperature.

If you buy your beans in bulk divide them up into weekly sealed containers. Keep what you’ll need for the week on the counter at room temperature (or in the fridge) and the other weeks’ portions in the freezer to preserve them for later use.

Bonus Tip: Buy your coffee beans freshly roasted and only grind them when you’re ready to use them.

If you love coffee like I do, try these 3 tips on for size and let me know your results!

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