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The End of Radio?

From the Media Futurist Gerd Leonhard blog: Over the course of the next 5-6 years, the importance of getting Air-Play on terrestrial i.e. traditional, programmed radio will drastically decline, as people are switching to the Internet (and by extension, to each other)...

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The Million Dollar Question

So here it is, over the last decade or more I have had many people from ALL walks of life asking me " can I get into voice overs?" as if they're asking how to get to Carnegie which I say "practice, practice, practice"! It's About Delivery To begin,...

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Three Tips for Writing for the Web

Whether writing for an online catalog, a blog or an e-newsletter, certain rules hold true. (In many cases, they’re similar to those your 8th grade English teacher taught you.) “How to write for the Web” at USC’s Online Journalism Review, edited by Robert Niles, offers...

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Cut and Paste Imaging

So many people have come to me in the last few months all looking for a 'quick' way to get their imaging done...looking for a website or someplace they can simply cut and paste the text for liners. In all honesty your imaging is worth much more than that! If you want...

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