The Problem with Small Businesses Marketing Strategy


When it comes to getting new customers my mantra has always been “stop communicating, start connecting” and there is no better streamlined tool for doing that today than social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter.

The problem starts when small businesses focus all of their attention on that aspect of marketing and push aside the other 80% of their marketing strategy! And so it becomes imperative of one to be able to perfectly elucidate the a company’s vision & motives. If you think what you write as the company’s vision isn’t upto the benchmark or upto your satisfaction, then you always have the option of hiring business plan writers online.

Rich Gordon, a professor at Northwestern University and Zachary Johnson, the CEO of Syndio Social released a study that suggests that 50% of small businesses website visitors arrive through social media means as compared to only 18% for large business websites.


What it may look like is that small business is using social media more effectively than large business but in fact what this data tells me is that when it comes to marketing themselves, small businesses seem to rely far too much on social media, only a part of which, constitutes what’s on this Salesforce blog explaining proper customer engagement.

How are large businesses attracting customers to their website the other 81.3% of the time?! Imagine how much you could increase your bottom line if you could learn to do the same thing….but on a small business marketing budget.

Bottom Line: Watch, learn and mimic how large companies market themselves in the offline world to increase YOUR bottom line.

What the…?


AS I ALWAYS SAY whether I’m talking with my kids or a client, don’t use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice.

I just came across this (very real) description for a company online:

Leveraging synergies to set the underpinning architecture to the overarching policy structure that governs processes to ensure that a global solution is provided to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the system in a world where change is the only constant.

Can you tell from this description what the company does?? Me neither… And it doesn’t help that the company name is an acronym.

I call this corporate gobbledygook, likely created by a large committee. It’s a waste of space. They’re trying to sound ‘highbrow’…but this emperor has no cloths.

Say What You Mean

In the over-communicated world that we live in your small business clients and prospects don’t have the time to figure out what you’re trying to say. Say what you mean and get on with it!

As small business owners the temptation is always there to want to make ourselves seem bigger than we are…however trying to sound like an over bloated corporation, speaking ‘corporate speak’ will do more damage to your growing small business than good.

Honesty Sells

As John Jantsch, author of The Referral Engine (Portfolio, 2010) says “…capture what’s real about your product or service. Honesty sells…”. In The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E. B. White (Longman, 2008) which is a must for anyone who writes BTW, Element 14 is to simply, “Avoid fancy words”.

When was the last time you looked at your company mission statement? Can you bring it down into “real words”?

Bottom Line: Don’t bedazzle your message with big multi-syllabic words or sentence structures that you need a map to navigate, it will only work against you. Keep it simple. Keep it direct. But most of all keep it real.

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Radio Imaging

THINK OF RADIO IMAGING as the packaging around your radio station.

Imagine for a minute, a box of Tide, Coca Cola or Wheaties sitting on the grocery store shelf in a plain brown package with black crayon lettering and drawings to describe what’s inside: Soap. Soda. Cereal.

These companies put a lot of money, time and research into their products, why would they give up when it came to creating it’s distinctive packaging?

Why should you…?

Download this free report and get your radio imaging back to where it should be…the distinctive packaging for your product.

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